Pets are notorious for irritating their wounds and injured areas. It is instinctive for them to bite, scratch, and lick injured body parts and cause problems with a healing area. To help your pet getting better without any distraction, you will need to get a cone, or better, a more advanced alternative to give them a more comfortable recovery experience.

Alfie Pet – Noah Recovery Collar

The Alfie Pet Recovery Collar proves that your pup can remain adorable while she heals. Designed to make your dog look like a ferocious lion, this soft E-collar allows you to show off your dog’s comical side while still preventing her from chewing wounds and flea bites. This E-collar is made from soft, flexible plush fabric. It includes a bit of frilly material around the circumference to mimic a lion’s mane and two cute ears to complete the look.

A Velcro closure is used to keep the collar fitting properly, making it easy to put on or remove as needed. The Alfie Pet Recovery Collar is also machine washable, which makes it easy to keep clean and looking great.

E-KOMG Protective Inflatable Collar 

The E-KONG Protective Inflatable Collar is all about comfort. It is designed to work like an airbag around your dog’s neck. It does not obstruct your canine’s vision, eating, or drinking but still prevents them from scratching and biting places they shouldn’t. The inflatable part is covered in a removable, soft cover. This cover is designed for comfort as well as easy cleaning.

It is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. The air ring can also be safely wiped down with a damp cloth, though it is not washable. The material is designed to be as soft and skin-friendly as possible, so it should not chafe or otherwise bother your pet’s skin.

Comfy Cone Soft Pet Recovery Collar

The common issue of dog owners with the typical cone of shame is that it leaves a dog feeling uncomfortable the entire time it’s using its neck collar. With the Comfy Cone, that’s not the case as it’s specifically made to the light and flexible apart from comfortable so your dog will be able to have a good night’s rest even with the collar on, fostering a faster recovery.

Another thing that the produce stands out is the fact that it can be folded back so it’s easier for a dog to eat and drink. It also comes with several loops so your dog will be able to wear its regular collar. Just pass the collar through them.

BiteNot Collar

The Bitenot Collar is a flexible-plastic and foam sleeve that you’ll fit around your dog’s neck. It looks a bit like a human neck brace, but unlike E-collars, which work by getting in your dog’s way, the Bitenot Collar works by restricting the movement of your dog’s head.

Just be sure to take this collar off your dog periodically, as the plastic material can trap moisture near the skin. This can lead to skin wounds, so give your dog’s neck a breather every so often to let his skin dry (but monitor him while doing so!).

PETBABA Cat Cone Collar in Recovery

This adjustable pet cone is suitable for many different breeds and races. It is advisable however that you check your pet’s measurements before purchasing this product in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Suitable for cats and small dogs, we would advise against buying this type of collar for a larger breed. Despite this minor inconvenience, its ergonomic design makes it suitable for many different activities or circumstances, including grooming, surgical operations or recovery.

Carefully crafted using very durable PVC, this item from PETBABA will certainly last a long time. And not only that, but the soft velvet edge is added to increase your companion’s comfort. The fitting prevents damage from a large pulling force, so this model is safe to use.

PetAZ Pet Recovery Inflatable Collar

Though it is less expensive than much of the competition, the PetAZ Pet Recovery Inflatable Collar is still a great choice for many dogs. It is designed to prevent pets from licking and scratching wounds and surgical sites, which it does quite well. There is a buckle on one side of the collar that allows you to easily take this collar off and on – a feature you’ll love if you have a reluctant canine.

The strap can also be adjusted at the buckle, so you can fit the buckle to your dog’s exact size. We recommend you place the strap at the back of your dog’s neck to prevent them from biting it, which some customers reported their pets did.

Remedy + Recovery E-Collar, Colors Vary

The Remedy + Recovery E-Collar is more comfortable than most plastic e-collars thanks to its padded edges, and it’s long enough to prevent most pets from licking healing wounds. It got scratched less than other cones in our testing, it comes in five sizes that accommodate most animals, and it’s easier to assemble than the cones most vets sell.

Just make sure to measure your pet correctly, since those with longer necks and heads may need to go up a size. The Remedy + Recovery isn’t ideal for pets with short noses or short skulls, which might need an inflatable collar instead.

ProCollar Protective Inflatable Recovery Collar

This inflatable neck pillow is much like one that you might use to take a nap on the airplane. The ProCollar seems to be much more comfortable than the plastic cat or dog cone and allows the injured pet to eat, drink, and play. The material doesn’t cause rashes or irritation to the neck area. This alternative comes in six sizes designed for both dogs and cats.

The ProCollar doesn’t provide as much protection as the plastic cone does. This device is ideal for animals with upper body injuries. The ProCollar is less likely to protect areas like paws or tails because the device provides mobility. This form of collar might be a good option for less active pets.

ZenPet ProCone Pet E-Collar

A convenient and practical option, the ZenPet ProCone dog collar comes in four different sizes which all promise dogs maximum visibility. It’s shaped like a cone but it’s more comfortable and it opens and closes like a fan. This design creates a soothing and healing environment for any recovering dog.

Furthermore, it works with a regular collar. Just fit it around its neck with the fuzzy fastener strap that’s adjustable. If you are looking to get rid of the shame feeling that usually comes with dog cones, this is a good option.