Compared to dogs, cats tend to be fairly low-maintenance pets. You don’t have to take them for a daily walk and you can leave them at home all day if you have to. While cleaning the litter box is a necessary evil of having feline friends, it doesn’t have to be quite the dreaded affair that you may be used to. For those who do not have the luxury of automatic litter boxes, cleaning up the litter box is a task that becomes easier with a good litter scoop. And here we are to take a look of those good litter scoops!

DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

The DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop was born out of the obsession to create a real tool that’s made to work and made to last. Tired of cleaning their own cat litter boxes with inferior scoops, the good folks behind DurAnimals took it upon themselves to design a better tool for the job. The result is the world’s first cast aluminum cat litter scoop.

The strong hand-polished, all-metal design is made to dig, not just sift, and it will not bend, break or rust. As an added benefit of its sturdy construction, it will not recoil under strain, so it will never flick litter or waste out of the box. Finally, the soft, ergonomic grip fits easily in your hand for comfort.

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

Designed by actual cat owners, the iPrimio Sifter with Non-Stick Litter Scooper has everything cat people would want in a litter scoop. This sturdy scooper is made of cast aluminum and has a non-stick coating, so wet litter won’t stick! The deep shovel design features perfectly spaced sifting slots that trap solid messes but allow clean litter to fall through.

The ergonomic handle has a solid core that makes it easier to hold than the average litter scooper. And with a reinforced front edge, it can push through difficult clumps that cling to the bottom of the box. The iPrimio Sifter gets into all the corners and works well with covered or open litter pans. A plastic hanger is included so you can hang the scoop on the wall or on the side of the litter box.

Petmate Metal Litter Scoop for Cat

Cleaning up after your kitty doesn’t have to be a hassle, so help make life easier with Petmate’s Metal Litter Scooper! This scooper is made of durable die-cast aluminum and is designed to lift large amounts of waste. As you scoop up your kitty’s droppings, the slotted design allows clean litter to fall right back into the box, while the sharp edges make it easy to scrape off waste.

It features a two-toned, ergonomic handle that’s made of pliable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) for added comfort and it has a hole at the end, so you can hang the scooper up for easy storage. So, make litter box maintenance a cinch with this Petmate Metal Litter Scoop!

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop

Cleaning up after your kitty doesn’t have to be a hassle! Help make life easier with Litter Lifter’s Cat Litter Scooper. This scooper is made of durable plastic and is designed to lift waste while allowing clean litter to fall through the slits. It is made of a sturdy plastic material for long-lasting durability. 

Designed to stand up to heavy messes with the no-sift, peaked blades and features no-sift peaked blades to get through the heaviest messes. Lifts waste and allows clean litter to stay in the litter box where it belongs. Make litter box maintenance a cinch with Litter Lifter! 

Sand Dipper Jr Cat Litter Scooper

Upgrade your litter clean-up technique with the Sand Dipper Jr Cat Litter Scooper. Now you don’t have to get close to the litterbox to keep it clean because this scooper has an extra-long pole so you can do litter duty from a more hygienic distance. The stainless steel basket picks up clumps while leaving clean litter behind so your litter lasts longer, while the ergonomic handle makes it easy to use.

Since the pole is made with lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum and the scoop basket with marine-grade stainless steel, it’s built to stand up to heavy duty use. Plus, it even has a wrist loop so you can hang it for easy storage.

Brask Pet Cat Litter Scoop

This cat litter scoop is the longest all aluminum scoop on the market measuring 16 inches in length. This is to make it more comfortable for you when you scoop away cat litter with less need to bend and stretch. It weighs just 9 ounces to prevent aches, pains, strain and tiredness when working.

The handle features soft TPE to make holding the scoop comfortable and effortless without tiring out your hands. Your hand won’t slip and your skin won’t rub causing blisters. The rest of the scoop is made from aluminum alloy which won’t bend or rust

Purrr-FECT Scoop 35in Tall, Standing Litter Scoop

PURRR-FECT SCOOP: Is the strongest and best back saving litter scoop ever designed. It is constructed from high tech polymer and steel not cheap plastic. Clears all litter box debris from the large clumps down to the little bits. This scoop is designed to clean the toughest clumps with very little effort. It is very lightweight around 8.5oz.

It is the only litter scoop with a D grip. The scoop’s angle and D grip allows a person to clean a litter box with one arm or safely and securely from a sitting position. Works with any type of litter, for best results use with clumping litter. Thank you all for your comments.

Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy

Unfortunately for pet parents, most cats need help cleaning the litter box. Make the job as quick and easy as possible with Nature’s Miracle JFC Cat Litter Scoop & Caddy. Both the scoop and the caddy have an antimicrobial coating that keeps bacteria from developing on its surface, and the two units attach to the litter pan for easy storage and easy access.

Both the scoop and the caddy have an antimicrobial coating that keeps bacteria from developing on its surface. The two units attach to the litter pan for easy storage and convenient access.