Yes you see it right, dogs may need diapers too! At various stage of dog’s life, pet diapers could be extremely useful. These handy supplies help make transitions from one stage to another much easier. Doggy diapers are specifically designed for puppies undergoing housetraining, for senior dogs suffering from incontinence, for male dogs marking their territories, and for female dogs going into heat. 

How to Use Dog Diapers

  • There are variations in fit and absorbency. Carefully follow the product’s instructions for measuring, and choose the appropriate absorption level.
  • Change the diaper frequently. Like a baby, your dog shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in a wet or full diaper. A wet or dirty diaper can result in diaper rash in canines, which can cause burning, itching, and inflammation, as well as bacterial infections.
  • Use baby wipes to clean your dog when you change him.
  • Wear gloves when changing the diaper, so you won’t come into contact with urine or feces.
  • Canine diapers come with a hole for your dog’s tail. If his tail is docked or he has almost no tail, cover the hole with tape before using to prevent leakage.
  • Before you follow any of these tips, take your dog to the vet. There may be underlying causes for urinary incontinence. There may also be surgery or medications to treat it successfully.

Now let’s take a look at the best 6 diapers recommended:

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers

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Accidents happen, but you can make them less messy with the Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps. The effective and simple solution for dogs that suffer from urinary incontinence, excitable urination and male marking, these disposable diapers are made specifically for the male dogs. The leak barrier and repositionable closures give him the best fit every time, and the fur-safe fasteners keeps it from catching or pulling on his hair. And the best part? There’s a wetness indicator that changes color, so you know when it’s time to change your dog.

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers 

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Move over crinkly throw-away diapers, the Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers is here to prevent doggy messes with none of the hassles. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, these diapers have a sewn-in super absorbent pad to hold liquid in the pad, with an ultra-wearable and comfy inner lining that your dog won’t fuss over. It’s built with a waterproof exterior shell and a snug elastic tail hole to make it totally leakproof, and has easy fuzzy fastener closures for a snug fit. And since they’re made with precise stitching and quality fabrics, they can stand up to frequent washing and everyday use. Plus, it’s also economical and great for the environment!

Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Female/Male Disposable Dog Diapers

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Help your dog stay comfortable while protecting your flooring and furniture from accidents with these dog diapers from Paw Inspired. Repositionable fasteners provide a custom fit for your female dog, and the fasteners are fur-resistant for ease of use. With a super-absorbent core, these ultra protection dog diapers pull wetness away from your pet’s skin and convert it to gel, minimizing leaks. Unlike many other brands, these dog diapers are equipped with convenient repositionable fasteners make fitting your dog easy and painless.

Out! Disposable Male Wraps

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Help prevent pet accidents and reduce unnecessary clean-ups with OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers. These wraps provide a soft, leak-proof fit with adjustable, fur-friendly fasteners and a super-absorbent core to give your pup a secure and comfortable fit. They’re simple and easy to use, and designed to fit male dogs with a waist between 13 and 18 inches. A convenient, disposable diaper is the perfect solution for the dog with temporary incontinence, excitable urination, territorial marking issues or other issues affecting his ability to urinate appropriately. They’re also great for protecting his kennel and bedding while traveling.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers 

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Keep your pet feeling fresh and your floors sparkling clean with these disposable diapers from Simple Solution. Featuring Fur-Friendly Fasteners, leak-proof barriers and a super-absorbent core, these diapers offer even more comfort and protection than the original Simple Solution disposables. The wetness indicator even lets you know when it’s time for a change, so your dog will never rock a wet diaper for long. Your best friend will be comfortable, and your floors will be dry—it’s a win-win solution for everybody.

Wiki Wags Male Dog Disposable Wraps 

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Wiki Wags 12 Disposable Male Dog Wraps are made with the male dog in mind. Worn cummerbund style, they feature resealable Magic Grip tabs that are easy to secure with no peel strips, and are completely re-adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. Wiki Wags 12 Disposable Male Dog Wraps have incredible leakage protection and are comfortable for your pup, Keeping the body dry means there are no urine rashes or infections caused by soaked pads against your pet’s delicate skin. Perfect defense against male marking and incontinence from aging, as well as accidents caused by social visits and excitability.