Your dog probably rates your lap as the number one sleep spot, but when that’s not an option, these comfy beds would probably come in as a close second. Before you take your pick, consider your dog’s size, sleep preferences, and any health concerns. An older dog may prefer a firm mattress, while an anxious pup may want a comforting cocoon to nestle into. No matter what type of bed your furry friend likes, there’s one here that will fit your home’s style—and your budget.

Suede Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

The Majestic Pet Products Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a “cuddler”-style bed, a large padded mattress with raised bolsters around the perimeter that give your dog a place to lay its head—the bed looks like a big, fluffy dumpling. Its microsuede exterior feels as durable as the materials we encountered on beds costing several times as much. It’s also easy to machine-wash on the gentle cycle. You can put the versions for smaller dogs in the wash in one piece, and though you have to remove the stuffing to wash the larger sizes, we found that task (as well as to put the stuffing back in place afterward) easier to do than on most models we tested—the difficulty was a dealbreaker for many other beds. It has four size options: 24 Inch, 32 Inch, 40 Inch and 52 Inch.

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed is a top choice for good reasons. It is made out of high-quality American Made therapeutic foam and is 7 inches thick. It has three layers (a 3-inch supportive layer enclosed in two inches of comfort foam). Your dog will sink into the top 2 inches of comfort foam and its body will be supported by the middle three inches of supportive material. This will allow enough room for the mattress to conform to the dog’s frame but also support it at the same time. It comes in three sizes: Large, Extra Large and Giant.

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Ivory

The Armarkat Pet Bed Mat is perfect for young, playful dogs who might not need the orthopedic support just yet. Instead, the durable bed is made from a heavy duty canvas (to withstand chewers) and has a skid-free base so it can stay in one place, even as your pup jumps on and off. The cover is a soft plush and zippers off for machine washing. The bed also has a waterproof lining for extra cleanliness. Sizes include medium (28″ x 22″ x 5″), large (39″ x 28″ x 7″), and extra large (39″ x  35″ x 8″).

MidWest Homes For Pets Deluxe Pet Beds

For dogs that spend time in crates, MidWest’s QuietTime Deluxe Ombré Swirl is the comfiest crate liner we found. The fuzzy swirls look fragile, but they held up to both our scratch testing and wash testing. And the design is not just for looks: The bed is low maintenance and long lasting. The tufted, plush polyfiber cushion holds up to years of use and the ultra-soft polyester won’t pill up like fleece pet beds. No need to wrestle with removing a cover when it’s time to clean – the bed is 100% machine washable. 7 sizes available for small dog to big dog breeds.

Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed

This is an elevated dog bed that will be perfect for dogs that have thick fur. It is made out of Cordura fabric that is as durable as canvas, abrasion resistant and provides a lot of traction when your dog gets in or out of the bed. The 6-inch legs are made out of walnut colored PVC that is a very strong material that holds up well under stress. Altogether, the Kuranda dog bed can support dogs weighing up to 125 pounds making it a great choice for medium sized dogs. This bed a great choice for dogs with thick fur because of the mesh fabric and it’s elevated which will ensure that your dog is kept cool, dry and comfortable all through the night.

PetFusion Large Dog Bed W/ Solid 4″ Memory Foam

The Snoozer luxury corner bed is a great choice for owners will small houses or apartments because it fits right in the corner and saves a lot of space. It has a study form made out of high-density foam and a tufted, spring-wound poly filled cushion interior that is removable. The interior cushion is also very heavily stuffed and therefore your dog will not sink completely to the ground giving a good balance of comfort and support to your dog. This dog is tailored more towards small dogs as the cushion form as opposed to the orthopedic form is generally better for supporting smaller frames. Size available from Small to XXL Jumbo.

Best Friends By Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler 

For dogs who are 25 pounds or smaller, the Deep Dish Cuddler by Best Friends by Sheri will keep your small friend warm and snug. The supportive bed is designed like a bowl, so that the back is higher than the front and the entire surface area lets your pooch nestle in for a deep night’s sleep. The bed is 20″ in diameter, with a 9″ front and a 12″ back. Cover options include a fuzzy Sherpa fabric or a microplush fabric. The bed is safe for machine washing and drying. Colors include a variety of neutrals, as well as pink and teal.

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed

While a lot of the cooling dog beds out there are simple mats, Sealy Dog Bed delivers with this attractive option which will help keep your pup cool through the warmer parts of the year. It’s available in four different sizes and 2 colors as well. The main attraction is definitely the cooling gel, however, which takes in energy when compressed. This results in a lower overall temperature for the bed and your pet. Add in the fact that it’s also got a layer of orthopedic memory foam and you have a clear winner.