Cats and dogs are cute, but they are not for everyone, if you are tired of people always talking about their cats and dogs, do not have the time and patience to take care of the falling hairs, or you are just allergic to them, you may consider some rodent alternatives, they may never came to your mind but can actually make great pet. So let’s take a look at.

1. Guinea pigs

If you love small furry animals, guinea pigs might be for you. They are gentle and easy to care for, however they require daily human attention, they can be kept in an open-topped pen rather than a cage, as there’s less chance they will try to climb out and escape. Their diet consists of hay, fresh veggies and pellets.

2. Chinchilla

Chinchillas have the softest coat around, and are very, very cute. But, they require a relatively large cage and can be very nervous, so it takes them a long time to get used to being handled by people. They are very friendly unless you squeeze them too hard. Another bonus is that they are very low-maintenance. They are also very delicate, so save these pets for older children and adults.

3. Rabbit

Another popular furry choice, rabbits make great pets, but like guinea pigs, need attention, they need daily handling and care to become socialized. You need to pet your rabbit regularly and let it out of its cage for at least an hour each day. They live on average 10 years, so make sure everyone in the home is on the same page before taking on this commitment.

4. Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are not social, so only one should be housed per enclosure. This makes them pets that are not subject to separation anxiety and they are fitting for people who travel. They are suitable for those who do not want a long-lived pet, since their lifespan is an accommodating 5-7 years. They don’t have dander, which makes them perfect if you are allergic to cats or dogs. Taking care of them is not a chore – you’ll just need to take them to a vet once a year.

5. Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are popular pets with some owners because they’re super cute and relatively easy to care for. Technically a type of possum, these “flying” marsupials are similar in size to most pet rodents, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re quite as low maintenance as your typical hamster or gerbil. A sugar glider needs a larger cage in which to dwell, more toys and structures to keep it stimulated, and more attention and affection from you, its owner.

6. Hamster

No, hamsters and guinea pigs are not the same, though they are both cute and small. One drawback to having a hamster is that they tend to be active at night — making this a parent’s worst foe when trying to get their kids to sleep.  They are a low-maintenance pet, but unfortunately, they have a short life span of only one to three years.

7. Mini Pig

Pigs are one of the smartest animals on Earth — even smarter than dogs and 3-year-old children. Before you invite these intelligent creatures into your life, it’s best to do research on what having a pig as a pet entails. After all, they can live up to 20 years. Many small pigs were underfed and had their growth stunted when they were young in order to get them to remain small. The reality is that if you are a responsible pet owner, your pet pig should grow to be over 100 pounds, and you better have that mental preparation.