It is not uncommon for people to have rabbits as pets, but it is pretty rare to ever see someone take their rabbits for a walk. Why is that? One of the main reason being unable to find a good harness! By good, we mean breathable, strong, safe and comfortable. Choosing the wrong bunny harness could end up with your rabbit choking and unable to breath. Finding the right rabbit harness is vital in ensuring your rabbit respirates properly during use. It’s also important to find a leash with elastic properties. This ensures that if the lead is accidentally yanked by yourself or your rabbit it won’t choke. That is why we are going to introduce the 5 best rabbit harness available in the market!

Before we dive into details, one more thing to remember is that a rabbit is not a dog and will not go for a walk the way dog will, be patient and let her decide what to do, do not force her to walk or run and never let your bunny out of your sight, even with a leash.

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits

Safely and securely take your precious bunny for a fun little hop around the backyard with the Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits. Made from durable, lightweight polyester mesh, this soft comfort harness is designed to fit snugly without gripping, rubbing or pulling her fur. A fuzzy fastener belly strap and quick-snap buckle around her neck provide a secure fit that’s quick and easy to put on. The fully elastic 47-inch leash extends to a maximum length of 98 inches and attaches to the harness with a metal D-ring.

Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash

This great harness is made of hard-wearing mesh material and nylon so it is durable and long lasting. It comes with soft padding, so you know that your rabbit will be as comfortable as possible when wearing it. This is a flexible harness, with an extra nylon strap with a snap buckle, adjustable at the chest and stomach. Designed for rabbits between 3lbs and 6lbs. Soft harness with fully elastic leash of 120cm (47 in).

Stock Show Cute Vintage Bunny Vest Harness and Leash Set

This set contains a harness with a cute vest harness and a matching black leash. It is the most stylish way to walk your favorite pet family member. The harness and the leash are designed to walk your critters safely. The adjustable size fits bunny, rabbit, and small kitten. The H shaped Harnesses are a comfortable alternative to collars for smaller sized pets because they distribute the weight of the pet evenly throughout. Made of soft, lightweight and breathable material. Machine washable for easy cleaning. 

MEWTOGO 2 pcs Adjustable and Breathable Bunny Harness

This harness is great at holding your bunny in a way to prevent it slipping out, but without restricting any movement. The strong velcro gives you peace of mind as there is extra security through the means of a clip around the neck piece, and the Velcro isn’t easily undone. The leash is stretchy meaning that if the rabbit goes somewhere it shouldn’t it can be pulled, without choking the bunny. This harness puts your bunny’s comfort first. It’s made out of high-quality material that means your rabbit gets the comfortable experience it needs.

Polkar Adjustable Pet Rabbit Walking Harness Leash Lead with Small Bell

This set contains a harness and leash. Harnesses are comfortable alternative to collars for small pets as they evenly distribute restraint across the chest. Our harnesses are designed to be gentle and put less stress on the pet when pulling on the leash. Constructed with only premium quality nylon,it is strong and lightweight ,the leash is durable and built for years of use. Neck girth 7.5-9.8 inches, breast girth 8.26-11.4 inches, leash is 45.27 inches in length by 0.5 inches wide, make sure to measure your bunny correctly for best fit!