When choosing what breed of dog you want, it’s important to consider things like coat type. Do you want a dog with low maintenance short hair? Do you want a dog that doesn’t shed? Or… do you want one of the long-haired dog breeds that are adorably shaggy?

Below we have breed details, descriptions, and fun facts that will help you choose your perfect companion. Whether you’re looking for a pint-sized lap dog or a big, lovable mat of fur,  these dogs who wear their hair with pride and will make all your selfies a little more sweetly shaggy.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are one of our medium-sized dogs perfect for a family home. They weigh between 50-60 pounds and can grow up to 28 inches tall. This dog has long hair falling from all over its body and sports a short curled tail.The Afghan Hound’s fur coat usually consists of shades of black, rust, or cream colors.

This breed of dog prefers a quiet family life and would prefer to stay inside on most days. While this breed may seem lazy at first, they do have a reputation for being able to escape from yards and cages easily. This breed will also require constant training to stay in line, so be prepared to spend a lot of time teaching your companion the difference between right and wrong over the years.

Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherds are a medium to large-sized dog, depending on their weight. They usually weigh 57-84 pounds and can grow up to 2 feet in height. With 21 inches being the smallest these dogs get, be prepared to give them a lot of space. They have a thick coat that mats itself to protect the body from both hot and cold temperatures. Their coat can consist of multiple shades of gray but can also be black or white.

This breed is one of the oldest recorded at around 2,000 years old.This dog was originally bred to be a herder and will require long daily walks or a large yard to exercise in. You will generally find this dog in colder climates, making warm weather a little tricky for them. To keep your shepherd happy, make sure they always have access to shade and water. You will also find this dog to be a little more reserved than most breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is yet another small breed of dog on our list.This one weighs in at about 4-6 pounds and can easily fall into the toy dog classification. They grow to about 8 or 9 inches and have glossy, silky, straight coats. Their coat colors usually contain blonde and brown fur but can have white or black as well.

This breed can be difficult to house train and is very energetic at all times. They are best kept indoors due to their small size and will require toys to keep them out of troublesome situations. This breed is also temperature sensitive and doesn’t fare well in either hot or cold climates. Make sure to spend a lot of time in training with this breed to have an adorable partner for your family.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is another medium-sized dog breed that will do well with family life. The Bearded Collie breed generally weighs in between 45-55 pounds, putting them near the weight of a small child. As for height, these dogs grow from 20 inches to 22 inches tall. This dog’s hair flows over its nose with the rest of its fur flowing downward, giving it a shaggy look. Bearded Collies are generally white dogs with shades of black, grey, and brown mixed in.

Bearded Collies are very much attention driven dogs, so it’s best for a family or household with multiple people that can spend time with him. If you live a busy life or your whole household does, this dog may be susceptible to developing separation anxiety. This breed learns best when positive techniques are used in their training. With a gentle hand and plenty of treats, this breed can become a great companion for your family.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are dogs bred specifically for their companionship. They are small dogs that only grow to between 9 and 10 inches tall. The max weight you can expect from the breed is 16 pounds and the least amount of weight should be 9 pounds. The Shih Tzu’s coat colors can be a variety of solid colors or combinations of colors such as white, black, rust, brown, and blonde.

This breed of dog is known for their jumping abilities. You will need to take special precautions to make sure they are well protected and can reach heights without putting themselves in danger of long falls. This breed is also easy to adapt to any type of living situation and will socialize easily if training begins at a young age. This breed is also difficult when potty training and will require a stable amount of attention to fully learn to use puppy pads.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is almost the biggest dog on our list with it weighing in between 70-115 pounds. They can grow up to two feet tall, making this the dog for you if you are looking for a big cuddle buddy.The Bernese Mountain Dog has a tri-colored fur coat containing black fur with a white chest, and scattered brown fur.Their coat is thick, which can keep them warm in cold temperatures and consists of two layers of fur, one containing long fur and the bottom layer consisting of thicker, protective fur.

The Bernese is a working dog meaning you may find that they have a lot of energy to spare. For this breed, you may find yourself taking a few more walks than average with your new partner. Like many large breeds of dogs, you should also be prepared for rapid growth after the four-month mark of puppyhood.


Komondors are one of the few large dogs on the list and will need a bit more space to run and exercise than the others will. They can weigh in between 80-100 pounds and grow between 25-27 inches tall, making them a rather large companion. Their hair is cord or mop-like and they have also been bred for guarding livestock. The color of their coat almost exclusively comes in white with a few instances of black or brown scattered about.

This breed is known for being easy to train when young and can adapt to your lifestyle with ease. This dog is marked as intelligent and you may find that they think for themselves a good portion of the time. Be sure to come up with different walking routes and provide new toys for him to be engaged with to keep boredom from occurring in this breed. This dog is low on energy and will not require a lot of exercise.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is another long-haired breed that slightly resembles the Shih Tzu. These dogs are a small breed as well and grow to between 9-11 inches. They can weigh up to 15 pounds and as little as 12 pounds. They have long fur that will drag on the ground and can come in many colors that are mostly solid shades of white, black, or grey.

This dog is best suited for small spaces and prefers an indoor environment. Adjusting to a new home can be a little hard for this breed, but can be done easily by using a pet crate. The Lhasa Apso will also not require a huge amount of exercise a day and short daily walks around your neighborhood will suffice.


Havanese dogs are pint-sized pups that are full of energy and could do well in a family-oriented setting. They all grow to be between 8-11 inches in height and are easy to take around town. They generally weigh 7-13 pounds, putting them closer to a large cat in size. Their coat is extremely soft and has a silky feel to it when touched. Their coat comes in many shades and patterns usually consisting of white, black, or brown.

This pint-sized breed will need lengthy walks to keep themselves in shape or a decent amount of play sessions each day. The Havanese is best suited for an indoor life, but is known for causing a ruckus and making living in an apartment a challenge. This breed is also known for having difficulties in the potty training area and can develop separation anxiety rather easily.