Bunnies or Guinea pigs are popular pet options for young kids as they’re cute, fluffy, hardy, and relatively easy to care for. Unlike cats and dogs, you can actually contain them in a specific spot, making them a bit safer to have around the house with very young children. The cage doesn’t have to be flashy but it has to meet a few specifications to keep your furry friends hale and hearty. To learn more, you can check out our detailed list below.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat uses durable metal and plastic materials that make it chew-resistant and sturdy despite its long base. At 47 inches long, it is one of the biggest options available, which keeps guinea pigs from feeling shut-in. The design is collapsible and self-contained for easy transport to new places.

The hay guard and water container are placed outside the cage to permit wider interior space exclusively for the pet. There’s an elevated platform and a hideaway section for the pet to feel secure.

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Being made of iron wire and hard plastic, the AmazonBasics Small Animal Habitat, Large cage is very strong and durable.  However, it may not be the ideal cage because of the open-sided, odd-looking roof and its lack of adequate floor space.

If you have a predator-free place to put this cage, the open roof would not pose a threat to your pig’s safety, and having access to everything for cleaning, feeding, watering, and giving love to your pet would be easy with this one.

“Guinea Habitat” by MidWest

The Guinea Habitat Plus is a proud MidWest Homes product that was thoughtfully designed to keep your guinea pigs comfortable and healthy. It provides eight square feet of space that you can easily expand up to a whopping 16 feet or more, provided that you get another Guinea Habitat.

You could also get a dividing panel and a lock-in-place ramp should you choose to make separate quarters such as a care area and a dining area. With ample room, your guinea pig can have a life of ease as he chums around with his roommates.

ToysOpoly Pet Playpen – Indoor/Outdoor Cage

The added flexibility from the fabric lets the #1 Premium Pet Playpen – Large 45” Indoor/Outdoor Cage fully collapse into its own carrying bag with a handle. This makes it a good option for traveling as it collapses smaller than most other stationary pet cages. Assembling it is fast since it pops into place for the top and bottom to be attached. It can be put in place for a pet in less than a minute and with only three steps.

There is a zipper closure on the top and bottom of the cage, which makes it possible to get in easily and open the bottom for simple cleaning. The fabric is waterproof for added durability. It also comes with four stainless steel anchors for use outdoors as a playpen or tent.

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

As guinea pig is comparable to a rabbit, their habitat may look the same. This cage can be customized which is good for a pet owner to create a habitat as according to personal wants. There’s a removable wooden guinea pig hideout with top opening. Thus, protecting hurt pets is possible through the separated hideout.

There’s a wide space somewhere to put on bedding. An elevated base is added where to place a feeding bowl to prevent food from spilling on the floor. A 600cc. water bottle with an anti-drop valve is also attached on the cage.

You & Me Small Animal Habitat

While this unit works as an indoor rabbit hutch, it is large enough and sturdy to work as an outdoor hutch too. The unit is designed with four strong caster wheels that make it easy to transport from one area of your house to the next. It collapses for easy storage when not in use. It is recommended for those who have playful bunnies. You can easily access the unit through the top and the front doors.

One thing can be improved is that cage portion is not made of the most durable material, being made of reinforced wire mesh. This can easily be chewed through, and can be a hazard as animals can chew their way out of this cage. 

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

The Critter Nation 161 by MidWest Homes is a great choice to contain your guinea pigs in a secure environment while remaining highly accessible and a breeze to clean. This cage features full-width double doors and a full-width pan floor made of heavy-duty plastic. Likewise, it is equipped with a wide expanse shelf and a swing-up locking ramp that is nicely covered to protect your pig’s delicate feet. You can also find bars underneath the shelf where you can hang some toys and treats for your pigs.

The Midwest Critter Nation with Stand has a second-floor platform with an attached ramp. The ramp also comes with a cover to protect pets’ feet. Under the cage, there is a second shelf for storage so that everything a guinea pig needs is kept nearby.

Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit

If you are looking for a cage that is specifically for a guinea pig, Kaytee presents a very good solution with their cage. They do this by offering all kinds of accessories with their cage. Even including a sample of guinea pig food, Kaytee’s cage is perfect for anybody who does not have an idea of what kind of accessories or food that is needed for their new guinea pig.

Accessories notwithstanding, Kaytee’s cage is a very “plain” cage. It only has one door, which is on the front of the cage. Compared to other cages like this which have more than one door, with many of their doors opening from the top, this model appears very outdated and there are much better models.

Ware Manufacturing Sweet Home Pet Cage

Home Sweet Home Pet Cage is one of the most affordable guinea pig cage counted in and yet the pet can dwell in a safe place. It is available in three size options in three different finishes. But, the medium size is more appropriate to buy as habitat for a guinea pig. It is simply constructed with heavy-duty plastic and metal material coated with chew-resistant shade therefore, safe for the pet. The bar spacing is 1” wide that prevents small feet from getting stuck.

It has a deep base that can hold needed bedding and other remains. The cage is rinsed out by detaching the four metal fasteners to remove the top. All remnants are surely confiscated through this easy cleaning process. Moreover, there’s a front opening to have direct access to the pet.