Dogs are very popular house pet but they are not always the best for our gardens. Whether you are looking to keep your own dog out of some parts of the garden or to keep the uninvited stray dog out, dog repellent is a great way to do so. Some people may prefer the natural way and DIY homemade dog repellent with Chili Pepper, Ammonia, Vinegar and or other ingredients, most people choose to skip the hassle and pick ready-made, tested and safety-proven dog repellent from the store, if you are one of those people, read on and find our best 9 recommended dog repellent to leave your yard along, or makes training easier.

Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray

Not Here! Spray works effectively for both indoor and outdoor training. After cleaning the soiled area thoroughly, let the area dry then apply Not Here! Spray. Repeat if necessary. The formula can also be used on indoor plants as well and contains no harsh chemicals or odors and is safe to use on most fabrics. Consistency and positive potty training reinforcement are essential to help shorten housebreaking time. Remember the length of the training time will depend on each individual pet. Make sure to always reinforce good potty training behavior with praise, pets, and treats! For best results, use in conjunction with a housebreaking training plan.

I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent

Tested and proven to repel Dogs and Cats without harmful chemicals or dangerous poisons. The concentrated botanical oils in this repellent smell great to people, but are irritating to dogs and cats who get too close to treated areas. Unlike other repellents, I Must Garden products have NO foul odors. Apply around plants without the fear of burning or harming your flowers. The I Must Garden Granular Dog & Cat Repellent comes with a hinged cap for super easy applications. Simply flip the lid and broadcast the repellent throughout the desired areas. Combine the granular and liquid formulas for the ultimate protection against dog and cat damage.

Halt! Dog Repellent Spray

Protect yourself, your family and your pets by stopping aggressive dogs in their tracks with Halt! Dog Repellent Spray. Made from capsaicin—a natural occurring extract of peppers, this highly effective spray creates an instant but temporary sensation of heat and extreme discomfort that distracts and subdues the dog, so you can move away to safety. After a few minutes of discomfort, the dog will return to normal with no permanent injuries or side effects. The patented cap produces a liquid stream up to 12 feet, allowing you to precisely spray the dog’s eyes and nose before he has a chance to reach you.

PetSafe Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray

SprayShield uses an innovative formula to interrupt dog attacks by surprising and distracting the dog with a powerful citronella scent, giving you time to escape. When sampled on trained attack dogs, SprayShield was found to be an equally effective alternative to 10% pepper spray, with none of the harmful side effects. SprayShield is the perfect safety tool to carry with you to prevent dog attacks, whether you’re walking your dog, visiting the shelter or vet, or just jogging around the neighborhood. Protect those you love and strengthen the bond between you and your pet so you can live happy together.

Bonide (BND871) – Go Away! Rabbit, Dog & Cat Repellent

Go Away! humanely repels dogs, cats, rabbits and a variety of other animals. It safely keeps animals away from trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags, around the periphery of flowers and vegetable gardens, and other forbidden areas. This product is an animal behavior modification tool. It may need to be supplemented with other behavior modification techniques to break animals (particularly domestic animals) of existing bad habits. The active ingredients of Go Away! Repellents are cinnamon oil and thyme oil. These essential oils will not harm lawns, gardens, or flowerbeds. The product is also safe for use around children and pets.

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Training Aid

A variety of animals use a hissing noise to drive away predators and The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Training Aid releases a similar sound to help correct your dog’s bad habits. The sound released from The Pet Corrector is designed by training and behavior experts to distract your dog from his bad behavior. This training aid is paw-sitively perfect if your pup is obsessed with barking, stealing food, jumping or chasing. Once your canine companion ceases the unwanted behavior, be sure to reward him with his favorite treat, he certainly deserves it! Pet Corrector is strongly discouraged for use with Puppies and should be used at a safe distance from your dog- never to be pointed directly at your dog or close in proximity to their body.

Nature’s Mace Dog Repellent 1 Gal Concentrate

Nature’s MACE Dog MACE is a strong and effective dog repellent. The Granular and Spray are created with all-natural ingredients. Since our products are natural and biodegradable, you can safely use these in your lawn, garden, home, garage, and more. Follow instructions found on the packaging to ensure you are using products correctly for safety and efficiency. Natures MACE Dog MACE is scientifically backed to have more active ingredients than other leading brand name products. When used correctly, Natures MACE Dog MACE will keep dogs out of specific areas of your yard or garden. Use this a dog training tool to keep pets away from specific areas in the yard or to keep unwanted dogs from venturing into your yard. 

OUT! Go Here Attractant Dog Training Spray

OUT! Go Here Attractant Dog Training Spray encourages pets to eliminate in the areas that you specify. Use it indoors to attract your dog to a training pad, or outdoors to encourage urination in a specific area. Using this spray as part of a consistent training process may help shorten housetraining time. Introduce your dog to the desired spot. Let him sniff the spot and praise him when he performs. If he does not perform, do not scold him, but continue the training process. Leak-proof pads with ProGrip technology for training your dog or puppy. Stain & Odor cleaners that can handle the toughest pet stains.

Four Paws Dog & Cat Bitter Lime Deterrent Spray

Give yourself some help in the behavior department with the Four Paws Healthy Promise Dog & Cat Bitter Lime Deterrent Spray. This taste deterrent will stop pets from chewing and scratching wood, furniture, other surfaces and even themselves. It’s perfectly safe for both pets and humans, and it’s easy to apply thanks to the spray bottle. Just give it a spritz anywhere that your pet likes to chew! The bitter taste will stop him from gnawing away, and he’ll soon associate that bitter taste with the surface and be trained to stop chewing for good. The formula is safe for both pets and humans while protecting your home from active chewers.