Cat may not enjoy outdoor life as dogs do, but they still need exercises every now and then. Not only can daily exercise extend the life of your pet, but it will also make them healthier by reducing the risk of mental health concerns associated with being confined indoors. Lucky for you, we have found these top 8 best cat exercise toys that you can use. An good exercise toy is important for overweight cats and those that have too much energy that needs to be put in a positive direction.

RSTJVB Cat Treadmill Ferris Wheel Pet Furniture

The cat scraper is made of corrugated paper, which is very environmentally friendly and can ensure long life and durability. The cat’s scratching design is designed to shape the cat’s flexion and extension capabilities and help you live an active lifestyle with your pet. The waterwheel climbing frame toy provides hours of entertainment and exercise opportunities for your cat, while reducing potential furniture damage. Excellent stability ensures that cats like games. Designed for your endless fun, suitable for catching cats, sleeping, climbing, exercising and activities. This is an important gift for your cat with internal assembly instructions.

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

Your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch with the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy. With three exciting levels, this interactive toy encourages extended playtime as the colorful balls spin and roll around and around. It’s great for multiple-cat households and independent play because it lets cats enjoy an action-packed afternoon even when you’re not at home. The stacked play station is built to last and features non-skid pads so it won’t move about as your kitty plays. Durable plastic and a non-slip base hold the Tower of Tracks in place during vigorous play.

PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

Bring your cat’s inner hunter to life with the PetFusion Ambush electronic cat toy. Devised to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts to chase and capture prey, this automatic device gives your feline a moving target. A colorful feather will pop out from one of the 6 holes at random, using LED color lighting and motion to draw your cat in. As he pounces and paws for the feather, he’ll satisfy his ancient desire to hunt, which can help to prevent boredom and encourage exercise. And, thanks to its anti-skid feet, this toy stays put throughout the game. When your little hunter wins the battle, the turkey feather is easy to remove and replace, so the fun can keep on going.

YVE LIFE Cat Laser Toy Automatic, Interactive Toy

This toy was improved from handheld laser toy. To help if you always leave dogs/cats lonely at home, it can smart interactive with dogs/cats when you have no energy to do it. Felines are born with the ability to catch, mouse/mice, bird, fish or ball toy etc. When the robot powered on, the red laser lights up and projection to wall, floor, or blanket, which can easily captures cats attention and inspires them to catching, hunting, chasingm, jumping, swating, and playing. So they can do exercise inside and outside when games. BENTOPAL Interactive cat toy will be a best choice as birthday, Christmas gift.

Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

This set of cat toys comes with 4 uniquely colored swimming robot fish toys that your cat is sure to enjoy playing with and catching. The included colors may vary. 8 extra LR44 batteries and 1 installation tool also included. These interactive cat robot fish toys are a great way to help get your cat excited for playtime by stimulating their natural hunter instincts. They’re also a perfect way to help introduce them new water activities. Each of these swimming robot fish toys have built-in LED’s that flash when turned on, as well as moving fins for swimming. Perfect for getting your cat’s attention and encouraging them to play with the toy and around water.

Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toys, Automatic Self Rotating Ball

Ralthy interactive robotic cat toys is a 360 Degree self-rotating moving ball, which is built in double motor drive. Automatic interactive cat toys works as feather wand to play with your indoor cat when you are out, with powerful 2 motors and large tires,’Tireg’ could almost run on all floors, carpet is also available. Ralthy Kitten Cat Toys is made of high-quality ABS material, so you don’t worry about that the cat toy ball is being scratched or bitten by the cat, which is durable for your cat playing. Moreover, interactive cat toys is with LED color changing lamp instead of a laser to protect your cat’s eyes.

Zenes Funny Exercise Electric Flutter Rotating Kitten Toys

With a flying action that replicates the movement and fluttering of a real butterfly. It allows your cat to stalk and hunt in a safe and engaging environment. When you flip the switch and turn the toy on, your cat will experience stimulating and interactive play providing healthy mental and physical stimulation. Your cat will have hours of fun playing with this little shiny butterfly that keep flying away under his paws. This ultimate exercise stimulator will push your cat to exercise therefore reducing his stress. With a fluttering butterfly: brightly coloured, battery-operated butterfly flies in a circle and imitates natural prey.

Moody Pet Fling

Multi-Award Winning, battery-operated string-flinging machine…If cats had money, they’d buy one. No cat can live on sleep and food alone. They need a little Fling-Ama-String too. This action-packed toy hangs on any standard door knob. One end of a long, brightly-colored, silky cord (string) is sewn (with an industrial strength sewing machine.) onto a white elastic “conveyer belt” which is constantly rotating. The string flings in and out for kitty’s non-stop amusement. Cats can bite, paw, claw, pull, and ultimately STOP the string. As soon as they let go, the string automatically starts to rotate again and again and again. The toy has 2 speeds for the frisky or faint feline. Just turn it on, take a seat, and watch kitty go.