Do you have a stray cat who shows up in your yard now and then? If the wandering kitten isn’t terrified of you, it’s most likely a stray cat, one that has previously interacted with humans but is now lost or abandoned. You might consider them as your own if you’re used to feeding them. After all, looking after animals who have nowhere to go and no dependable supply of food necessitates a great deal of responsibility and care.

The difference between pet cats and feral cats, on the other hand, is that the number of feral cats you may be caring for is unknown. They might even show up famished, relying on you for their sole meal of the day. When you’re feeding a large number of cats on a daily basis, the cost can add up quickly. In this article, we’ve researched and rounded up 8 foods that share a combination of nutritional excellence, convenience, and the right price, which can provide both nutritious value for the cats and cost-effective solutions for you!

Purina ONE True Instinct High Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Give your little carnivore the nutrition she craves with Purina ONE True Instinct Natural Real Chicken Plus Vitamins & Minerals High Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. This SmartBlend of natural ingredients is backed by research to deliver 100% nutrition and 0% fillers. Every ingredient in this premium, grain-free cat food has a purpose, starting with real chicken as the #1 ingredient. Plus, every serving is packed with 35% protein to help promote your kitty’s strong muscles, including her healthy heart. Crunchy bites and tender, meaty morsels deliver textural variety like cats get in nature. Feed your kitty closer to what nature intended with this super premium recipe.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dry Cat Food provides your four-legged friend with great tasting nutrition for a long, happy life. Made with wholesome ingredients such as savory chicken, this nourishing recipe is balanced to meet your pet’s needs, promote weight loss and maintain lean muscle. Manufactured in the United States, every ingredient meets strict requirements for purity and nutrient content which exceed industry standards. Formulated for adult cats that require fewer calories, this Hill’s Science Diet provides your cat the nutrition she needs for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Fancy Feast Grilled Gravy Wet Cat Food

Turn mealtime into a feast with the Fancy Feast Grilled Beef Feast in Gravy Canned Cat Food. “Give me meow yummy,” your kitty says. So fill his bowl with whisker-licking beef, and pretty much everything he needs to stay looking and feeling his best, like protein, antioxidants and healthy omegas. Plus, the formula is enhanced with vitamins, minerals and essential taurine for nose-to-tail well-being in every bite. Since it’s made with real broth, it also provides moisture to keep your pal hydrated and support urinary health. So open up the easy pull tab and get ready for all those satisfied kitty smooches.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dry cat food is made with simple, natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This natural dry cat food includes real U.S. farm-raised chicken as the #1 ingredient, wholesome brown rice, vegetables, and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help support healthy kitten growth and cat health. Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural dry cat food is a delicious way for your fur family to enjoy a homestyle meal. Made just-right size, the dry kibble is easy to chew and swallow without sacrificing the crisp, crunchy texture and big flavor cats crave.

Wellness Complete Health Canned Cat Food

Nourish your kitty’s nose-to-tail well-being with the protein-rich nutrition of the Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. With chicken as the first ingredient, this nutrient-dense, grain-free recipe contains all the protein your pal needs to support his strong muscles and energy to fuel all his adventures. Every bite is packed with omegas from flaxseeds to maintain a healthy skin and coat, plus antioxidants, taurine, vitamins and minerals to support immunity and overall health. Serve up a bowl and feel good about providing your pal with everything he needs to thrive, and nothing you wouldn’t want him to eat, like fillers or anything artificial.

Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food is specially formulated to help adult cats stay healthy and happy. To maintain wellness throughout adulthood, fully grown cats need the proper nutrition to keep them in top shape as they age. Meow Mix Original Choice provides all the essential nutrients they need, including high-quality protein and essential fatty acids to help support strong muscles and keep their coat looking its best. It’s packed with tons of wholesome ingredients and the irresistible flavors of chicken, turkey, salmon and ocean fish. This tasty food is complete and balanced for adult cats with all the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health.

Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Dry Cat Food with Probiotics

Make mealtime a mouthwatering experience with Purina Pro Plan COMPLETE ESSENTIALS Shredded Blend Salmon & Rice Formula adult dry cat food. This super-premium adult cat food is formulated with 36% protein to meet your cat’s unique nutritional needs and contains high-quality sources of protein, including real salmon as the first ingredient. To help support her digestive health, this wholesome formula contains guaranteed live probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber sourced from chicory root. Antioxidants, vitamin A, and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, ensure she gets the advanced nutrition she needs to live a healthy, active life.

Nulo Adult & Kitten Grain Free Canned Wet Cat Food

Give your cat a meal made with premium ingredients you can trust with Nulo’s Freestyle Turkey & Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat & Kitten Food! This feline formula is crafted with real turkey as the very first ingredient, followed by chicken, turkey liver and tuna for the high-quality protein your pet needs to fuel her muscles. She will love the texture of every tender bite and the irresistible taste of the lip-smacking gravy. And while you won’t find any grains, corn, wheat or anything artificial in this palatable pate, you will find superfoods like cranberries, kelp and pumpkin, vitamins, minerals, healthy omegas and taurine—an amino acid that helps support your cat’s overall health. Just pop open a can with the easy-pull tab and watch your cat purr with approval!