We all know that cars are very clean and tidy creatures, they like to lick their fur as a means of grooming, and many cat lovers simply enjoy watching cat lick their fur, so peaceful and make you feel calm. But unfortunately, licking the fur can sometimes lead to the formation of hairballs, it happens even to cats with shorter hair. Hairballs are bad for your kitty’s health, causing lack of appetite, conscription, diarrhea etc., they will give you a lot extra cleaning work to do — when your kitty vomit those annoying hairballs out.

Good thing is, there are many specially formulated cat food and snacks that are meant to help reduce the development of hairballs, so your cat won’t suffer from choking on their own fur and you do not have to clean up the mess. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best cat food that can help managing those hairballs, your cat will surely love your more for this.

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food

Easily digested Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care is formulated to meet the unique needs of indoor cats. It’s made with 10% less fat than Original formulas. Fewer calories in combination with fat-burning L-Carnitine, and a special blend of carbohydrates that keep pets feeling full, enables heavy cats to gradually return to a healthier weight. Whole grains, beets and rice support a healthy digestive system, and help reduce hairballs and litter-box odors. Complete and balanced formula specially designed to help adult cats maintain a healthy weight, reduce hairballs and reduce litter box odors.

Greenies Feline SMARTBITES Hairball

Reward your favorite feline with a delicious and nutritious treat you can trust with Greenies Feline SmartBites Hairball Control Tuna Flavor Cat Treats. These soft yet crunchy rewards are designed by veterinarians and contain Greenies Fiberblend formula to help minimize hairball formation and promote healthy digestion when fed along with a hairball control diet. Now made without artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers, these dual-textured treats also contain just under 2 calories, plus vitamins, minerals along with other nutrients to support overall health. And your paw-tner will love how every bite is bursting with a purr-worthy tuna flavor!

Temptations Functional Cat Treats – Hairball

These popular cat treats do more than just taste great, they help support a healthy cat. Prevent hairballs with these tasty treats that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. With their scrumptious chicken flavor they will keep your cat phlegm-free and wanting more! These scrumptious cat treats help control hairballs when fed with a hairball control diet. These pawfectly tasty cat snacks offer a savory chicken flavor and provide an irresistible combination of both crunchy and soft textures, while aiding in hairball control.

Cat Chow Hairball & Healthy Weight Indoor Dry Cat Food

Give your indoor cat the nutrition she needs at dinnertime when you serve her Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food. Formulated with an indoor cat’s activity level in mind, this recipe contains fewer calories than Cat Chow Complete to help promote a healthy weight. Natural or added fiber in every serving helps control hairballs, giving you both something to feel good about at meal time. She’ll gobble up the delicious taste and crunchy texture of this recipe made with accents of garden greens, while you rest easy knowing she’s getting 100% complete and balanced nutrition in each bowlful.

Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Help your kitty look and feel her best with Blue Buffalo’s Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. This delectable food is crafted with an optimal blend of calories and protein to help your cat maintain an ideal body weight, plus natural fiber from cellulose and psyllium seed husks to help control hairballs. It also includes BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits—a combination of selected antioxidants, minerals and vitamins picked by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support your cat’s overall health and wellness. 

Purina ONE Hairball Adult Formula Dry Cat Food

Say goodbye to hairballs and say hello to premium nutrition with Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Premium Dry Cat Food. Made with real chicken listed as the first ingredient, every bite is packed with kitty-approved flavor, plus a special fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs with every bowl. This vet-recommended formula is easily digestible and contains omega-6 fatty acids to encourage healthy skin and coat, and is chock full of essential vitamins, minerals and taurine for overall health and well-being.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Cat Food is a delicious dry food made from real chicken and all natural ingredients that is specially formulated for cats. This recipe supports the health of your pet’s urinary system by providing optimal levels of magnesium. Urinary tract infections are the most common health condition in cats, so prevention is key in maintaining your cat’s health. As a functional food, the Adult Urinary Hairball Control formula helps prevent the occurrence of urinary tract problems in cats and also contains natural fiber to reduce hairballs, ensuring your cat stays comfortable and calm.

Meow Mix Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Hairball Control Dry Cat Food is specially formulated to control hairballs before they start. That means your cat won’t have to go through the stress of coughing them up, and you won’t have to deal with the mess they leave behind. Meow Mix Hairball Control not only deals with pesky hairballs, but it tastes so good your cats will devour every delicious morsel. This wholesome recipe is full of high-quality protein and features the tantalizing flavors of chicken, turkey, salmon and ocean fish. It’s complete and balanced for adult cats with all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need for optimal health.