Birds are beautiful but messy creatures, they don’t seem capable of keeping a cage clean. They have no conscience when it comes to distributing droppings or flinging food scraps throughout their home. The lining on the bottom of your parrot’s cage has a pretty straightforward job. It collects the things that land there and makes clean up simple for you. Straightforward as it is, it’s a very important job, because it plays a part in keeping your bird healthy and safe.

When it comes to choosing what to put in the bottom of a bird cage, there is no strict rule, as long as it is safe and easy to clean. If you are uncertain what material you should be choosing, read on as we have carefully selected 8 of the most clean and safe litter for your bird’s new home.

Hartz Absorbent Cage Liners for Birds & Small Animals

Keep your pet’s home clean and dry and make a cleanup easier for you with Hartz Bird & Small Animal Absorbent Cage Liners. Clean cages and habitats are important to the health of your bird or small pet. Hartz Bird & Small Animal Absorbent Cage Liners are made of a unique polymer that locks in odors and moisture better than paper.

Place at the bottom of the cage and cover with your pet’s favorite bedding. When it’s time to clean your pet’s cage, just fold the liner around the soiled bedding and discard.

Kaytee Walnut Bedding for Pet Birds

Keep your pet’s habitat dry and odor free with Kaytee Walnut Natural Bird Litter. Despite a reputation for being smelly, birds are actually fastidious. Odor is often caused by poor quality litter or infrequent habitat cleanings. Kaytee Walnut Natural Bird Litter is made of natural crushed walnut shells that are highly absorbent and help eliminate odors. And because it doesn’t stick or cling to cages or habitats, it makes cleaning easy.

Use as litter in cages with grates separating litter from birds. Kaytee Walnut Natural Bird Litter should not come in direct contact with birds due to health concerns from potential ingestion.

SunGrow Natural Coconut Fiber Bird Nest

Give your feathered friend a comfortable place to call home with the SunGrow Natural Coconut Fiber Bird Nest. Made from natural coconut fibers, it is a great alternative to synthetic fibers and completely chemical-free. This material is ideal for nest building by small birds such as finches, canaries and budgies.

This nest can also be used as bedding for gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, mice and guinea pigs. Provide your companion with a safe and dust-free option with SunGrow Natural Coconut Fiber Bird Nest.

SO PHRESH 20L Paper Bird Litter

This litter combines baking soda and recycled paper and makes a huge difference controlling odors versus other brands. It has no added chemicals and non toxic which is very important because the birds will chew on it . It uses 100% Recycled paper bird cage litter locks in moisture for superior absorbency, has low dust and baking soda for outstanding odor control.

A 1” layer across this habitat would take up approximately 9.5 liters of the litter. This would allow for 2 full uses from 1 20L bag. Using a thicker or thinner layer or spot cleaning with new litter in between changes will also impact how long a bag lasts.

Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Small Pet & Bird Bedding & Litter

Sunseed’s Natural Corn Cob Bedding & Litter is highly absorbent and specially designed for small pets like chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, canaries, finches, parakeets, and more! It’s made of USA-grown corn cob that’s completely biodegradable and free of artificial dyes and additives, so it’s safe for your pet and the planet!

And for your convenience, Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Bedding & Litter comes in a resealable bag to help preserve freshness.

Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

Provide your small bed a bedding that absorbs moisture and controls odor with Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding. To maintain a healthy environment for your small pet, it is important to keep its living area clean, dry and comfortable. Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding with Odor Blocker Formula absorbs moisture rapidly and offer outstanding odor control for up to 14 days.

Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding is super-soft crumbles and absorbs three times its weight in liquid and has less dust for easier cleanup.

Pestell Pet Products Pestell Corn Cob Bedding

Pestell Pet Products Easy Clean Corn Cob Bedding is an economical option for the customer who cares for more than one pet. Perfect for birds, and an appropriate choice for many small animals and some reptiles.  Pestell Pet Products use natural corn cob that is highly absorbent and helps eliminate odors. And because it doesn’t stick or cling to cages or habitats, it makes cleaning easy.

The litter is clean, almost perfectly pure with no unusual bits in it, and produces only the slightest amount of dust. Excellent option for user who takes care of more than one pet.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

100% natural small animal bedding from Small Pet Select keeps your little friend safe and comfortable, absorbing waste and reducing odors while protecting delicate feet and eyes. This small animal bedding is made from unbleached fibers that weren’t used for any other purpose, which means it’s not recycled printed paper, which can contain harmful residues.

Designed specifically for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, great for birds too! Small Pet Select bedding provides a soft, comfortable environment in which your small animal can thrive.