No matter what kind of person you are, there is a cat out there for you. allergic to cat dander? Try a hypoallergenic Russian Blue, want a hairless cat? Get a Sphynx. But if this is your first cat baby, it can be a bit overwhelming in deciding which breed is best for you especially if you haven’t had a cat until now. Various cat breeds have various behaviors, and some are more active than others. In this article, we have listed top 10 best cat breeds for first-time owners, to make your first cat experience fun and worthwhile.

Maine Coon

Possibly the oldest cat breed native to America, the Maine Coon are considered social, friendly, and very outgoing, they can be great travel buddy if you enjoy travelling.

The cats are fond of people, very adaptable, and they quickly get along with everyone in the family. It is one of the best cat breeds for apartments. But one thing to remember that they like to have companion all the time! If you already own a dog, they will make great friends!

American Shorthair

Do you know that these cats make up about 95% of all the cats in the US. What’s more surprising? They comes in 80 patterns and colors, and it is a pedigreed version of the Domestic Shorthair.

These cats are perfect for first time owners because they require minimal grooming and  less susceptible to disease. They are very independent but still loving and social to play with. They are extremely friendly and patient with kids, that makes them good babysitter if you allow.


If curiosity really does kill the cat, then it’s a miracle that the Siamese cat is still here. But this breed is very smart, fun, and considered to be good for first-time owners because, in terms of grooming and cleaning, not much effort is needed except for an occasional combing since they have a very short coat.

Just trim their nails and keep their teeth clean and this cat will love and adore you. If you are living by yourself and need someone to talk to, Siamese is perfect for you as they love to talk, a lot!


They’re wrinkly and hairless, but they are loved and great for first-time owners who don’t want to deal with shedding and for those allergic to animal fur.

These cats are one of relaxation, they love curling up in their cat sweaters with their owners on cold winter days and love basking in the living room under the suns rays during the summer. If you want a laid back but loving breed, go for the Sphynx.

Scottish Fold

The cats are unique and super cute. They have a selective breeding mutation of ears that are folded inwards giving them an ear-less look. The look makes their eyes appear round and wide. These cats are very loyal to the family members, and they also enjoy playing complex games.  

The cats are also curious that no rat or any other insect can pass without him noticing. If in search of a loving cat, then this is the breed for you.

Exotic Shorthair

Looking for a cat with a Persian look but with no grooming maintenance? Exotic Shorthair is the cat you have been looking for. The cat is very friendly and more cheerful compared to its famous cousin. The cat enjoys playing and interacting with its family members and also enjoys grooming sessions once in a while.

The cat is ideal for owners in search of an exotic touch and a playmate too.


A cat that melts in your lap. Enter the Ragdoll cat, this breed is best for first-time cat owners for children because of its friendly demeanor, but still, make sure your little ones grab hands don’t tug or pull anywhere.

This cat is one of the simple gameplay like chasing the laser pointer and the feather and string game. When the day is done, they will insert themselves on you for some snuggling and cuddling.