Cats are very tidy creatures, they like to clean themselves whenever possible. But some cats may not be able to adequately groom themselves, such as when they have fleas or very long fur, and they need some help from their human beings. It’s important to regularly brush your cat’s hair in order to keep them healthy and looking their best. 

We have put together a comprehensive guide to choosing the best cat brush gloves for grooming your feline friend. They are designed to take hair off easily while letting your furry friend think he or she is simply being stroked, so brushing and bathing become bonding experiences rather than dreaded ones.

DELOMO Deshedding Brush Pet Grooming Glove

These gloves are made with a flexible mesh and soft, rubber tips all over the palms to help lift dirt and undo tangles and mats. It feels really natural to run your fingers along your cat’s coat with your fingers free to reach under their chin and chest. It has 255 silicone tips (up from 180 compared to the previous model from the same brand), each of which are soft enough to be kind to your cat’s skin while picking up all loose fur.

Pet Thunder Cat Grooming Mitt

Turn petting time into grooming time with the Pet Thunder Better Petter Dog & Cat Gentle Grooming Mitt. Your pal will love the extra gentle petting session while you will love that it gently removes loose fur, before it gets on your furniture or clothes. It’s designed to get to the under coat with every stroke, trapping excess hair in the mitt, removing mats and tangles, and gently cleaning and softening your pal’s coat, with no shampoo needed. Plus, the soft rubber also massages and stimulates healthy circulation at the same time.

Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Glove

The Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove makes the shedding season blues a thing of the past! In fact, with the Five Finger Grooming Glove, you can transform grooming time into cuddle time. Made with pet lovers in mind, this terrific tool helps to strengthen the bond between fur baby and pet parent while gently detangling fur, removing loose hair and leaving coats shiny, soft and manageable. 

H HANDSON HandsOn Gloves

The H HANDSON All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves are hands down the best product to give your animal the royal treatment. The revolutionary design features the perfect combination of rubber nodules along the fingers and palm, which feels like a massage during bath time, and helps to promote bonding. Working double duty as a de-shedder, it captures more hair than a brush, and the hair won’t stick to whether it’s wet or dry. 

K&K Pet Grooming Glove Set

Pets crave for your attention, and this grooming glove gives them what they need. By simply brushing this on your pet’s hair, you are keeping them happy and feeling the love from you. So shower your pet with your love by grooming them using this glove. It’s perfect for cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, even horses. It offers that relaxing feeling that your furry pals will adore. As it is made from BPA-free material, it does not pose health risks to your pets.

PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove

Protect your hands and arms while maintaining your furry friend with Multipurpose Five Finger Dog & Cat Grooming Gloves from PetFusion. Made with recyclable synthetic leather, spandex and silicone, these gloves are scratch and water-resistant for grooming, trips to the vet and handling your paw-tner safely. They are non-toxic and comfortable to the touch for your companion as to not upset her. The soft, silicone knobs on the hands also help reduce anxiety.