It’s easy to miss the signs when your dog is hurting. They can’t talk, which helps them maintain their status as man’s best friend, but as a result, dog owners don’t always know when something is wrong. It’s one thing when you’re a quick car ride from the vet. But take your dog into the backcountry for a long hike or a hut trip where you both may be tired and under stress, and you exacerbate the situation. That is why it can be very helpful to have a dog first aid kit hand. These kits are great for your dog’s safety and don’t just come in handy for emergencies — you can also use them when it comes to minor injuries to your pup.

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

Designed to help you assist your pet when injured by properly caring for their injury and reducing their suffering until you can consult your veterinarian. Having a pet First aid kit is highly recommended for all pet parents to ensure your pets safety and prevent injuries and side effects from getting worse wherever you may be. Kit clearly organizes supplies and instructions into clear vinyl pockets for easy access. The zipper extenders allow you to open the kit while wearing gloves. Walks ‘n’ Wags pet First aid manual The walks ‘n’ Wags manual offers easy to follow instructions on how to properly care for your pet when it is injured. Manual Covers checking vital Signs, choking, bleeding and wound care, broken bones, poisoning, burns and more. Keep safe and have fun with your pet!

New Market Squared Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs & Cats

FDA approved 45 pieces first aid pet kit gives you everything you need including bandages, gauze, gloves, antiseptic and more. This kit is certified pet friendly and can also be used for human injuries and immediate first aid. Instructions and guide book included so that you know what to do in case of emergency or accident with you dog or cat. Perfect for travel — take it anywhere you go, also keep one in your home so that you’re never without the supplies you need to take care of your animal friend. A must-have accessory for every pet owner and animal lover, keep a pet first aid bag with you everywhere your pet goes, including your car’s glove compartment, your home, backpacks, purses, and other travel bags! The essential pet emergency care handbook gives you the information you need to.

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Me & My Dog First Aid Kit

Because they love the freedom of the trail as much as you do, the Adventure Medical Kits’ Me & My Dog Canine Series has comprehensive first aid solutions to keep both you and your four-legged hiking buddy safe on all your adventures together. Kit measures approximately 7.5 x 3.5 x 5.3 inches and weighs 1.47 pounds. Accommodates you and your furry friend for 1 – 4 days. This Canine Series medical kit includes medical instruments, cut and wound care, sprain and strain supplies, and medication for common pain and allergies. Reduce swelling of sprains and strains with the emergency cold pack. Have peace of mind knowing you have the right safety essentials for both you and your dog.

WildCow Emergency Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals

Despite the name, this WildCow dog first aid kit is aimed at your canine companion, but could be useful for just about any pet. This is a mid-range offering in terms of overall size at 40 items, but covers all the basics while offering a few interesting options other kits don’t. Chief among them are two folding silicone bowls, which satisfy one of the essentials for camping with dogs we outlined on that post, as well as vet wrap in three different widths. Vet wrap is super useful stuff in these scenarios, and it’s nice to have options so you can right-size to your needs. All items come packed in a military-inspired bag available in three colors.

RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

The Canine Friendly Pocket First Aid Kit is perfect for pets on the go. It won’t take up much room in the glove box and it fits in your pocket or can be attached to your lead for walks. It has a carabiner to make it easy to attach to a leash, lead or a backpack. It’s durable and the color of the fabric helps make you more visible on your walk too. We put this kid on our camping with dogs post as an easy-to-pack option. Pocket size design is lightweight and perfect for everyday use. Carabiner for easy attachment to leash or backpack. Waste bag portal for dual use