I know you are like me, can not stand the cuteness of the fluffy cats, dreaming to death about having one of your own, but when you think of the cat hair all over the place, you hesitated. To achieve the dream without worrying about cleaning the hair, I did a little research and found 16 cats that have short coats and don’t shed much, so find a cat on the list that you like, you can soon join the list of happy cat owner!
  1. Sphynx
Speaking of hairlessness, no cat breed can beat the Sphynx. Even not exactly completely hairless, the Sphynx has such short, sparse hair that the cat’s exterior will feel more like high-quality suede than hair.The Sphynx has many different colors and patterns, it tend to be quite intelligent and affectionate, and has just about the lowest-impact hair of any modern cat breed. Because there is so little hair to absorb body oils and retain heart, this cat will need regular baths to remove the oil and please please make sure to keep it warm in the winter.
  1. Donskoy
Donskoy is a breed first developed in Russia, but often mistaken as Sphynx. Like the Sphynx, it is a nearly hairless breed and is very docile. The skin of the Donskoy is hot to the touch, and the high body temperature of the Donskoy helps it to avoid some of the respiratory diseases that affect the Sphynx. Like human skin, the skin of the Donskoy actually sweats.Donskoy is a good companion, it can get along well other members in your family, including dogs.
  1. Cornish Rex
Unlike the first two breeds that look pretty “bald”, Cornish Rex certainly has a coat, but its is fur too sparser and shorter than normal. The fur has a unique pattern that is the result of a genetic mutation that only allows the down layer to grow.Because of its lack so much of a normal coat, it needs to be protected to remain body temperature and stay warm, it loves to interact with people and needs plenty care to keep warm and healthy, it is also one of the miniature cat breeds in the world.
  1. Peterbalds
Because of the similar appearance, Peterbald is an offshoot of Russian Donskoy. Surprisingly, not all perterbalds are born bald, but even for those that born with hair, they lose as they age. Their coat can be of any color or pattern, but they all have long legs and tail and an elongated facial structure topped by large ears.Peterbalds retain the intelligence and sociability of Donskoy, they gets along with everyone in the family, and always lively and curious, they love human companionship and get along best with elders who stay at home a lot.
  1. Javanese
If you prefer the fluffy appearance rather than the bald look, but still want a low maintenance of cats that don’t shed, Javanese is a perfect choice for you. Usually there are three layers to a cat’s fur, guard, awn and down, the reason this furry cat don’t shed much is that it only has guard hairs, not down or awn hairs, which largely reduce its shedding possibility.In addition to its low shedding, the Javanese looks much like normal cats, it loves food and enjoy interacting with human friends, Javanese ca make a great companion, but be careful do not feed them too much.
  1. Bengal
The Bengal is a small active hybrid cat that contains gene of both domestic cat and wild Asian cat. Its has a unique coat with spots and dashed combine with beautiful striping. Bengals, like their predecessors the Asian leopards, have pelts which shed minimally. If you’re crazy about cats but not so crazy about the shedding, you may be considering a bengal cat. Because of their link to wild Asian leopard cats, bengals have more of a pelt than a typical fur coat.
  1. Russian Blue
The Russian Blue has a genuine unique appearance: a blueish gray coat with luminous green eyes. They only shed once or twice a year, so they are easy to manage in terms of hair, and they also produce fewer allergens than most other cats. Russian Blue is a devoted companion animal, this cat will do whatever it can to get your attention. They’re a fairly quiet breed but very affectionate.
  1. Siberian
This cat has a special trick up its sleeve- when it sheds, the fur gets caught in the awn and guard layers, so it won’t drop fur all over the place. You do need to brush it frequently, but the fur is very easy to manage, and they have a very cute fluffy lookThey are extremely powerful cats, with amazing jumping ability and speed, so expect to find them curled up in unexpected places around the house.
  1. Birman
The Birman cat breed looks so fluffy and squishy! Probably because of its thick and long coat, it looks like it could shed a lot, but you will be surprised to know that despite the long coat that this cat has – it lack any undercoat so its fur does not shed that much and does not matt at all!Birmans are easy to handle and gentle and affectionate by nature. Intelligent and curious, the Birman responds well to training and can adapt easily to living with children and other pets in the home.
  1. Japanese Bobtail
A single-coated cat that doesn’t shed as much as its peers, the Japanese Bobtail is a good self-groomer that requires only the occasional bath and brush. With a slender yet muscular build, the most defining feature of the Japanese Bobtail is its short, stubby tail, which is often described as resembling a rabbit’s tail.Curios and alert, the Japanese Bobtail is an active breed that requires regular exercise and attention from its people.
  1. Siamese
The Siamese is a well-known and popular cat breed that originated in Thailand but has since spread all over the world. Siamese cats have a coat that traps all shed fur, so you just need to brush them occasionally to get rid of old fur- they won’t leave it around the house.They are friendly and like people, but most Siamese cats choose one person to be their best friend for life. Siamese cats like to hang out with both people and other cats.
  1. Oriental
The Oriental cat breed is an offshoot of the Siamese cat breed. The Oriental breed came about by combining multiple other breeds like the Russian Blue, Abyssinians, etc. Because of its connection to the Siamese family, Oriental Shorthairs are similarly easy to groom with “wash and wear”-style maintenance. The Orientals are social and equally comfortable with people or cats, so don’t be afraid to get more than one!
  1. Bombay
The Bombay cat is a cousin of the Burmese breed. It has short, black fur and copper-colored eyes. The short coat drops fur quite rarely, so regular brushings are enough to keep fur off the floor.This breed looks a lot like its cousin. “The Bombay is an outgoing, friendly cat with a loving personality, who is comfortable with other cats, dogs, and children,”
  1. Colorpoint Shorthair
Here is another breed of cats that sheds relatively lesser than other cats. When they shed, their fur does not easily fall off – this is because their fur is short, and thus they are referred to as the Shorthair. You will be able to get rid of the fur that has been shed if you brush it off their coat, otherwise – it is very manageable.They love to follow their friends around the house, but tend to be nervous around strangers or unusual noises, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find them when new people visit.
  1. Korat
Giving a Korat cat a quick glance, you would easily confuse it with the Russian Blue cat breed. Its coat and eyes are quite similar to that of the Russian Blue. The Korat originates from Thailand and you will notice that it also has very short fur.Korats are brilliant and prefer having a few close friends to being social with anyone who walks in the door. Korats have a strong will and are not the easiest cats to train, but it can be done if they trust and respect you.
  1. LaPerm
The Laperm is a very interesting breed. It has a long, thick, and wavy coat that sometimes makes the cats look like they just got out of a dryer, but they shed extremely rarely. In addition, they are incredibly intelligent, capable of learning tricks like fetching objects.The Laperm can display just about any color or pattern in its fur, so you get the appearance of a cat with a big coat without having to spend a lot of time grooming it or keeping up with cleaning hair.So, stop worrying about maintaining and cleaning, those cats are not only just easy to clean up, but very intelligent and friendly. Check the list and own a cat of your dream!Additional Resources:https://catoverdose.com/21-low-shed-and-cats-that-dont-shed/https://www.care.com/c/stories/6044/10-top-non-shedding-cats/