When it comes to giving us emotional support, no creature does a better job than dog, but not all dog breeds are created equal in completing this task, some are dogs are better suited for reducing anxiety and depression than others. If you’re considering getting a new canine to act as your emotional support animal, there are 12 breeds best suited for ESA work in the whole doggo world. Have a preference on size? No worries, we have them categorized out for you as well.

Smaller Dogs


The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed and is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. This dog breed weighs around 6 pounds and does not require much grooming. This dog bred is not just charming but is also loyal, super friendly, and caring. Chihuahua can also guardhouse because they bark at almost everything that is strange.

 Yorkshire Terrier

If you live in a small space, then the Yorkshire Terrier may be the pawfect roommate for you. The Yorkie will follow you around the house and curl up on your lap as you read a book. This petite breed will cheer you up with their cute face and remind you that you’re not alone.


If you are allergic and a dog lover, Poodle should be your first choice. Why? Because this dog breed is hypoallergenic (not completely). But they won’t make you sneeze all day as they shed very little hair. Not to mention that the Poddle simply loves their owner and wants to be with them all the time. No matter whether you are getting a standard, miniature, or a toy Poodle, you will be happy.


Corgis aren’t just for royalty; they make excellent therapy dogs. A member of the herding group, the corgi is an even-tempered and affectionate breed. These short and sturdy dogs are known for both their obedience and friendly attitudes. Originally bred to be herders on farms, Corgis make excellent companion dogs for people in nursing homes or with disabilities.

King Charles Spaniels 

The majestic King Charles spaniel, named after King Charles II of Britain, was bred to be a loyal companion dog. For hundreds of years, paintings of aristocrats have featured depictions of King Charles Spaniels lounging on the laps of their noble owners. These centuries of companionship have given the King Charles spaniel lots of practice in providing camaraderie and comfort. They love to interact with people and their warm temperament and obedient nature makes them the perfect therapy dog.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a friendly and docile doggo that can make you feel better simply by sitting next to you while you’re watching TV or snuggling with you in bed. This easygoing breed will happily accompany you on brisk walks around your neighborhood. During the summer months, you can relax together in an air-conditioned room to keep your Bulldog from becoming overheated.


Pomeranians are great for people who want a dog that prefers to stay by your side 24-7 while lavishing you with love (and a bit of entertainment). Most Pomeranians will gladly accompany you everywhere you go, although you may want to invest in a carrying bag of some type, as these little guys and gals have tiny legs.

Bigger Dog

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is an outgoing and active breed, encouraging their humans to go outside and get some exercise with them. Physical activity and social interaction are excellent for keeping depression at bay. At home, you can count on the famously friendly Lab to give you love and comfort whenever you need it! 

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have long reigned as one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., both as emotional support animals and general family pets. Their patient demeanors and overt friendliness make them a good fit for people with health issues. And as an added bonus, they are highly trainable.

Great Dane

Another “gentle giant,” the Great Dane, isn’t only tall, but he’s all heart. He is kind and sweet and does well when playing with children. This eager-to-please, people-orientated pooch may be imposing when you first meet one, but that giant love for humans will soon shine through.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are born with a mission. They are rated highly as an exceptional breed because they can fit most roles. Another notable quality of this breed is that they possess noble character and are extremely intelligent. They are highly trainable, so you can personalize how you want to interact with you. Given them affection, and they will give you even more.


Samoyed is one of the top ESAs because they have beauty, brains, and everything it takes to be flaunted around. Samoyed possesses a luscious thick coat robust that keeps them warm from the cold. They are powerful and tireless pets, which can over maximum protection during your journeys. More importantly, these dogs are just beautiful and affectionate. Their warms plus their high functional level will make it hard for you to resist their emotional support.