Pets gates are an invaluable item when your furry friend is a puppy or new to your home and can help to keep them safe and secure or away from dangerous areas, also to keep your property safe from them.When shopping for a pet gate or play pen, it’s important to assess where you want the gate or enclosure to go, so you can determine how large it needs to be to fit a room or entrance, you may also notice a lot of these gates will say “infant” or “child-proofing.” Don’t worry; baby gates work for your furry babies, too.We’ve listed 10 of the top-rated, most functional indoor gates for your dog below, let’s check them out!
  • Extra wide to fit a variety of openings.
  • Neutral styling is complements a variety of home decors.
  • Non-marring rubber bumpers which helps prevent damage to your home.
  • Price: $39.99
The Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is intended to serve as a baby gate, but can be used as a dog gate as well. The screen is made of soft mesh, letting your dog still see through the barrier and feel like part of the action. However, it’s worth noting that the mesh screen is designed for babies, not dogs! Energetic dogs who may attempt to scratch at this gate will likely make quick work of its screen.
  • Expands to stairways and openings between 29-37 inches wide.
  • Pressure mount design that is quick to set up.
  • No tools required and is gentle on walls.
  • Price: $36.99
This gate is perfect if you want to install something semi-permanent and don’t want to drill into your walls. You may lose some steadiness in the pressure installation and the install may be a just bit trickier, but your walls will thank you. The lock is one that there’s zero chance your pooch will figure out. Opposable thumbs required!
  • Human walk-through inside gate and separate small dog or puppy gate.
  • 3 configurable panels with rotating hardware to adapt to unusual spaces.
  • Folds down for easy storage.
  • Price: $56.97
Because you can configure this gate at nearly any angle, there are countless possibilities. You can bow the gate out or make a squared angle to attach to your nonstandard walls. The mounting is permanent so you don’t have to worry about it falling down. And the steel design makes it unlikely your chewing puppy will be able to get through this gate. The walk-through option means this will simply become a part or your daily routine – just like opening the garage door.
  • Customize with color choices.
  • Doggy door with locks to prevent escape.
  • It folds in half to store when not in use.
  • Price: $68.76
There may come a time when you realize no matter how much you dog-proof your home, you just have to put your pooch in an all-enclosed play pen, if for no other reason than because you just can’t afford to replace all your shoes every time you leave the house. If you’re finding yourself facing this dilemma, popping this guy in the center of a room before you head out may be your solution. You can add or subtract panels as is appropriate for your space and pup.
  • Fast removal.
  • Perfect fit with the ITS.
  • Walk-through door swings open in both directions.
  • Price: $149.95
If you want the best of both installation worlds, this indoor dog gate is a great choice. You mount the gate using hardware to affix permanently to your wall, but the quick release allows you to pull a lever and simply remove it from the wall entirely. Because most walls aren’t perfectly straight, the integrated tuning system (ITS) lets you adjust the mount to create a perfect fit. The right fit provides a huge increase in steadiness.
  • 3-in-1 pet gate converts to a freestanding gate, a room divider and a pet pen.
  • This gate’s matte brown color easily matches a variety of home décors.
  • Optional panel and wire top sold separately.
  • Price: $147.97
This convertible 4-panel pet gate is perfect for anyone who wants to secure spaces for their dog with a stylish, well-designed dog gate. This dog gate quickly and easily converts from a pet pen to a room divider to a freestanding gate. The gate caps can be locked at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, providing stability for the gate’s various forms. The gate even features a lockable door that you can use to restrict and control your pet movement.
  • Fits opens up to 192 inches wide and stands 28 inches tall.
  • Can convert from a super wide gate to an 8-panel play yard.
  • No tools require, quick and easy.
  • Price: $89.99
he super wide gate can be expanded to fit openings up to 192” and comes with eight, 24” panels. The panels connect to hinged posts that offer an amazing variety of shaping possibilities. Easily mounting to the wall, the convenient gate features a walk-through door designed with a double lock lever handle allowing adults to easily pass through. It is ideal as a play yard, fireplace barrier, at the landing of stairs, or a super gate for very wide openings.
  • Extra height keeps dog in.
  • All wood construction.
  • Walk-through gate.
  • Price: $129.99
The Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate is the perfect solution for containing your pet without sacrificing your sense of style. This solid wood freestanding pet gate features a rich walnut finish and outstanding craftsmanship. Our unique 360º hinges allow you to configure the gate in a variety of ways, securely containing your pet and providing peace of mind. You can completely customize your 360 gate with optional accessories.
  • Simple install; fast removal.
  • Incredibly portable.
  • Hardware OR pressure mount.
  • Price: $29.99
Most gates aren’t really meant to be permanent. If a homeowner wanted an area permanently blocked off, they would likely block it with a wall or heavy furniture. If you only want to have one gate to keep your pup in the room you’re in then having one that takes mere seconds to take down and put up is the way to go. This gate does have the option of a hardware install, too, though. If you’re gate-experimenting, this makes for a great tester to find out what works.
  • This 24” height gate allows adults to step over the barrier if needed.
  • Many foldable freestanding gates are known to fall over. This one holds its own.
  • The foldable accordion style of this gate makes it easy to adapt it to different widths.
  • Price: $29.99
The gate is innovatively designed with 4 separate panels secured together with sturdy hinges allowing the gate to fold out into a Z-shape configuration. Once folded out into the wide Z-shape, the gate is free standing and may be used in front of doorways, entryways, halls, bedrooms and staircases. Constructed from a durable solid-wood and sealed with a rich espresso finish keeping your dog, puppy or other pets securely confined while you are away. When not in use the pet gate folds down to 3” for ease of storing in slim and narrow areas.