Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, we all know how much our furry friends love to play. Interactive cat toys are a great way of providing a fun way for you and your cat to play together. More than that though, they also provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation, allowing them to use those innate hunting instincts.

Here is our list of the best interactive cat toys that will keep even the pickiest cats entertained and amused!

Trixie Activity Fun Board

The Trixie Cat Toy is a toy with pedigree. Developed by author Helena Dbalý, who literally wrote the book on feline play, it’s tailor-made to keep cats entertained for hours. Just stick a few pieces of kibble inside, and watch your kitty swat, paw, and strategize their way to a tasty treat.

It’s a great bet for food-driven cats who need to slow their roll, and its multi-tiered peg-and-tunnel design can be reconfigured to keep things interesting. It’s this multifaceted design (along with its attractive price) that makes it our pick for best overall cat toy to occupy lonely cats.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy provides your cat with hours of fun in a simple design. The textured scratch pad within the center is surrounded by a plastic track containing a small ball. The scratch pad provides the perfect place for your cat to exercise their claws without damaging your furniture. Designed to give your kitty abolute fun while also tending to its natural predatory instincts, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher is one unique plaything for the kitties in our lives.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

This track toy combines three levels of circular tracks, each with its own brightly colored ball. This expert design is specifically intended to stimulate your cat’s instincts and encourages them to play.

While the center of this toy is open, there is a safety bar across the top track, to prevent over enthusiastic cats getting their heads stuck.  Watch as your cats bat around the colorful balls that fill this three-level tower, eagerly following their movement. The smart design also means that it can be enjoyed by multiple cats at once, making it an especially good deal for multi-cat homes.

Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy

The Friends Forever Cat Laser Toy is packed full of features that mean your cat will be kept entertained and exercised through healthy play. The eye-catching diamond shaped pointer on the top of the toy is designed to attract your cat to play by rotating to cast the laser in a range of unpredictable directions.

This laser toy also has three different settings to allow you to adjust the level of challenge for your cat. Start off on the slow setting as your cat learns the ropes, work your way up to the fast setting, and then challenge them with the random setting. A great feature of this laser toy is that it has an automatic timer which shuts off after 15 minutes. This stops your cat from becoming overstimulated or overtired from playing for too long.

Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy

The Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy is one perfect way to keep your felines happy and content. They will never be frustrated anymore as they are able to direct their energies on more constructive ways.

These toy are manufactured with the safest yet most durable materials you can find. Even if you got an Abyssinian, a Burmilla or even a Cornish Rex that are known for their playful nature, you will feel more confident about their safety with the Just For Cats Cat Toy. These things are guaranteed to keep your feline’s interest for longer hours. When playtime’s over, all they’ll ever need is a place to rest and no more time for scratching your furniture.

Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

What’s so special about a piece of fabric on a wand, you might ask? Well, it seems to have magic power over felines, because this simple interactive cat toy makes every kitty go crazy over it. The bright, colorful strip of fabric will provide endless entertainment for your Bengal cat and help them burn off all the excess energy they have. Cat Dancer – Cat Charmer is a great quality toy, so don’t worry about your eager furball tearing it apart in a matter of hours. Nevertheless, rest assured, they will keep trying to do it.

Catit Senses 2.0 Circuit

The best interactive toys for cats engage at least some of their hunter senses- sight, touch, smell and sound, and Catit Design Senses Play Circuit covers all, with the exception of the smelly part (thankfully). With a smart, cat-specific design, this play circuit with a peek-a-boo track design will intrigue even the pickiest of felines. The ball, that’s partly hidden and can be accessed only through random holes will entice your cat and entertain them for hours on end. The layout of the tracks can be changed in over a hundred different variations, so you can even mix it up a bit to ensure your kitty won’t get bored after a few months. One thing is for sure, when you get this toy, it will be all your cat thinks about!

FAT CAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

Interactive cat toys don’t have to be complicated to keep felines interested. The Petmate Crazy Circle is a great example of how sometimes the toys with simple designs can be the ones that your kitty falls in love with. The ball is enclosed in a circular tunnel with an opening on the side, which will inspire your feline to spend hours trying to pry the ball out of its round prison. You know how cats, especially Bengal cats, loooove the things they can’t get to? Well, this cat toy offers them exactly that, with an added bonus- you don’t have to worry that their forbidden obsession is one of your valuables. It’s a definite win-win!

The Peek-A-Play Toy Box

There’s nothing better to incite curiosity of a cat than hiding something away from them. The moment they think something is out of their reach, that very thing becomes the most interesting object in the known universe. That’s why The Peek-A-Play Toy Box is an instant favorite with felines. This interactive cat toy looks simple, as it’s a big, sturdy box with numerous holes in it, but the concept is very challenging and enticing. It comes with two balls (although you can add treats or some other toys), which your cat will (desperately) try to fish out. If your cat tends to be a little obsessive and too persistent, you can add softer or smaller balls that they can eventually dig out, but for lazy cats, this setup is ideal. They’ll be bouncing and running around this mesmerizing wooden box for hours!

GoCat Da Bird

A modern version of the classic favorite, GoCat Da Bird is a realistic feather toy that is bound to captivate your furry friend. With the feathers that have the feel, appearance and the sound of real bird wings, this interactive cat toy is a perfect fit for Bengal cats which have a strong hunter instinct. This is the Easy to Store version of the Da Bird teaser, which means that the rod pulls apart and takes much less space than it usually would. And, when you have a spoiled little Bengal, you need as much space for their toys as you can get!